How You Can Help... Reasons to Donate:

This agency provides:

  • Safe living arrangements

  • services for seniors and disabled adults

  • Important civic resource for 107 years

  • computer literacy

Along with the services listed above, many other programs are provided as outlined:

As you know, a lot has changed since Jane Edna Hunter opened the Working Girl’s Home Association in 1911.  As an agency that provided women of color with needed support in their struggle to find safe living arrangements and employable skills, the Working Girl’s Home Association which was later renamed The Phillis Wheatley Association, Inc., was referred to far and wide as the “black YMCA” and was a prominent meeting place for leaders in the African American community.  From its genesis as a residence for young women, to its new focus in 1967 as a neighborhood center, on through its continuing evolution in response to community needs, The Phillis Wheatley Association has remained an important civic resource for 107 years!

Our mission is service to the community, and with your support we can continue to provide year round environmental education, team building and experiential education programs at our Camp Mueller residential camp (which is one of only four African-American owned and operated camps in the country); a safe gathering place and luncheon program for the elderly and disabled adults through our Congregate Meal Program; and social, wellness and educational programs through our swingin’ seniors program, which also offers resources to help participants age in place.  But most notably, the historic renovation of the original 1927 building which houses our Administrative Offices and 56 residential housing units (Emeritus House) for the elderly and disable adults.

A Chance To Give

Show your support!

 Community needs continue to grow. As our agency seeks support for its programs, your contributions are most important to our progress and growth.  Donations can be made in person, by mail or online by visiting our website at .  For example, Your gift of just …

$20 will provide…

   ●  one day of summer camp for an at-risk child

   ●  a week of hot, nutritious meals for a low-income senior citizen or disabled adult

   ●  one day of after-school programming (tutoring and STEM activities) for a child

$100 will provide…

   ●  one week of summer camp for an at-risk child

   ●  a week of hot, nutritious meals for five low-income senior citizens or disabled adult

   ●  a week of after-school programming (tutoring and STEM activities) for a child


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